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A Fifth Series of Downton Abbey

As reported in the Press, a fifth series of Downton Abbey has been commissioned and has begun shooting here already. We are sure that the months ahead of filming work will lead to an exciting 5th series and viewers will settle back for comfortable Sunday evenings in the Autumn.

The fourth series was very well received and had tremendous viewing figures here in the United Kingdom and in the USA.

The making of Downton Abbey

Longstanding friend of the Carnarvon family, Julian Fellowes had Highclere Castle in mind as he wrote Downton Abbey. He often commented he wanted a house which spectacularly testified to the confidence and soaring optimism of the Edwardian period.

The success of Downton Abbey took everyone by surprise from the first nervous apprehension whether anyone would like the first episode or stay with it for the second or third… the series has become a phenomenon with appreciative viewers all around the world.

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