Heroes at Highclere

What was Heroes at Highclere?

Sunday August 3rd at Highclere Castle was firstly to commemorate the First World War and secondly to understand how we can help victims of war today.

How can we help the tiny children in orphanages in Lebanon?  Can we raise some money to help provide medical help for civilians desperately injured? How can we support the families of soldiers killed in a war today?  What will injured veterans need in twenty years’ time? How can we thank the doctors and nurses for their bravery?

Highclere Castle is a still point in a busy world that can help to gather a number of charities together, and provide a platform and the means to help raise money and help those charities communicate what they do.

It was a wonderful day with music, planes, a football match, shopping, a fairground…but at the heart of it was something much more serious. Ambassadors and representatives from many different countries came on the day, standing together.

Downton Abbey is watched by many different ages, in many different countries. Amazingly children sit down with parents, friends gather for dinner to watch it, Americans switch over from the Super Bowl to Downton Abbey. Highclere Castle has enjoyed much good fortune as part of the Downton Abbey phenomenon so we are now turning that good fortune around to share it with others.

It has stretched across many different countries so we thought we would follow a theme of unity. Sunday August 3rd was for commemoration, unity and courage.

For those who could not come – we filmed the day, the marvellous men in their flying machines, the musicians, singers, the football, behind the scenes, the operating theatre in the Castle, the stories from the charities the stories from the veterans.

It is a centenary and a unique day we will not repeat.