2020 Tour Dates for your Diary

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Dear Friend,

From looking at the requests for future dates in our Castle office inbox I thought it might be helpful to set out some windows of dates  when we are offering tours next year. 

Spring tours for general opening April 12-26 2020

Summer tours General opening July 12th to September 2nd 2020

Winter Special Tours at least a day a week in January and some days in February (we are  very wary of the weather!)

Valentines Weekend Teas and Mother's day weekend (March 22nd) 2020 


May 10th to 16th 2020 Guided tours, talks and teas - "The Highclere Spring Festival"

June Special Guided Tours - again two per week

I can reply to specific questions through the blog (www.ladycarnarvon.com) or do email [email protected].

with all best wishes

Lady Carnarvon