Upcoming Events

7 April, 2019
Castle Tours, Spring Gardens and Teas in April/May
21 April, 2019
Easter Sunday fun for all the family
Castle Tours and Talks
12 May, 2019
A series of curated talks, guided tours and teas
18 May, 2019
Kit and Mcconnel
Dates: June 2nd, 10th, 27th and July 1st Tours
1 June, 2019
June 2nd, 10th, 27th and July 2nd tours
“If it could only be like this always – always summer”
13 June, 2019
Summer Tours & Champagne Reception Thursday 13th June
22 June, 2019
Music from the show hosted by the real Mr Carson at the real Downton Abbey
Guided Castle Tours
24 June, 2019
After the Downton Abbey Concert
3 August, 2019
A summer celebration with music, cannons, cavalry & fireworks