Highclere Castle Gin


With over 57 gold and platinum awards, Highclere Castle Gin is becoming one of the most delicious gins in the world from one of the most famous and much loved homes in the entire world. It is of course the spirit you have been looking for! In real and fictional life, guest from the worlds of  art, music and technology as well of course royalty have celebrated at many a fine weekend party. After all, what is a weekend without gin?


“a very classy and charming gin. A combination of bright and earthy citrus from orange and lemon, classic juniper, and earthy notes of angelica and cassia.”  -  Paul Jackson, The Gin Guide

Created in the oldest distillery in England and led from botanicals hand chosen from the castle's extraordinary gardens. A traditional London Dry Gin produced in an antique copper still which dates back to the 1800s.

The recipe was meticulously developed by Lord and Lady Carnarvon over two years, experimenting with botanicals grown here on the Highclere Estate and was influenced by what is grown in the Orangery as well as the gardens. The taste and style of course begins with juniper at the heart of the gin, to which is added the touch of lavender inspired by the borders in the Monks’ Garden, followed by the citrus notes led by tiny intense oranges and  then lime flower. As an unusual but delicious twist, Highclere’s acclaimed estate-grown oats have been woven into the botanical blend to give an exceptionally creamy palate and a long and memorable finish. These oats are grown on the high chalk downlands of the Highclere Farm. 

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