The Path to Discovery

Howard Carter and 5th Earl of CarnarvonLord Carnarvon and Howard Carter worked together for 16 years. They often planned their excavation season in Egypt from Highclere Castle.

Lord Carnarvon had helped Howard Carter build a house in the desert not far from the Valley of the Kings, which was nicknamed 'Castle Carter'. Lord Carnarvon sometimes stayed there just as Carter sometimes stayed in Highclere Castle.

The Discovery Gallery in the cellars at Highclere explores the life and interests of the Earl of Carnarvon, his passion for cars, his talents as a pioneering photographer, his travels and leisure in Edwardian England.

Visitors can see what happened to the Castle and family during the Great War from 1914 to 1918. After 1918, Lord Carnarvon found his financial situation was becoming increasingly difficult. Both men had been ill and were becoming discouraged, with very little to show for long hours of effort and toil.

Yet Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter had been convinced that there were yet more tombs to be found in the Valley of the Kings. They had created a system of grids to cover the ground in an organized way.

In June 1922, during a weekend at Highclere, Lord Carnarvon agreed that they would have one more excavation season in Egypt during that Autumn and Winter. There was one more grid area to cover...

The decision had fateful consequences for both men.

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