Discovering Egypt at Home

Nearly 100 years ago, Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter cleared the 22 rock cut steps in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, Egypt. Wiping the dust from the outlined cartouches etched into the door, they carefully made a hole in the plastered doorway and, with nervous excitement, shone a torch through the gap.

 “What can you see?” Lord Carnarvon asked anxiously to which Carter simply replied: “Wonderful things”.

The discovery of the untouched tomb of Tutankhamun remains to this day one of the world’s most astounding archaeological discoveries. Since then, the name of this short lived boy pharaoh and his golden face mask have become famous throughout the world and, as such, it is the cornerstone of many children’s discovery of the lives and history of the ancient Egyptians.

The Egyptian civilisation spanned some 5,000 years and has enthralled both tourists and scholars from the Roman Empire to today. The 5th Earl fell in love with Egypt when he first travelled there from Highclere for the sake of his health in the beginning of the 20th century and developed a lifelong passion for archaeology from that moment.

Using the resources of our amazing Exhibition here at Highclere on the discovery of the tomb, we have put together a children’s pack which we hope will be both entertaining and educational.  It contains an illustrated guidebook, a booklet for you or your children to work through, a scarab for luck, a little god and a pencil to fill a morning with interest. Click HERE for more information.

In addition, armed of course with a cup of coffee, I am going to share on Instagram some of the stories of the 5th Earl's adventures in Egypt from our Egyptian Exhibition beginning at 11 am on the Tuesday 19th January.

You are also most welcome to download a work sheet from our website. Click HERE to download.

The answers for the work book are now available here.