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The Highclere Estate

The boundaries of Highclere Castle Estate were marked out in Anglo Saxon times when the Estate was owned by the Bishops of Winchester. We've been farming here for centuries with an overriding sense of respect for those we share the land with, be it, the insects, birds and all of the wonderful wildlife that calls the Estate its home.

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Residential Properties

The Highclere Estate occasionally has properties available for rental across the estate from time to time.
The properties are let to tenants on an Assured Short Hold Tenancy or Common Law Tenancy for a minimum period of twelve months and all properties are let unfurnished.
If you are interested in rental property please email [email protected]


Farmland and Landscape

Situated in an Area of Outstanding natural beauty, Highclere Estate consists of 5000 acres which is compromised of 2000 acres Arable, 1200 acres Parkland and 1800 acres Woodland and Highclere Stud etc. As times move forward, Highclere's farming endeavours are continually adapting. 


Over the years we have introduced long crop rotation once more and seek to farm more ecologically. Incorporating the flock of sheep in our arable rotation has improved soil structure and fertility whilst increasing soil organic matter. The land comprises a mixture of chalk, clay and greensand. The Estate is run as a mixed farm, growing a variety of crops as well as being home to a flock of 1400 Romney X Lleyn Breeding ewes and a small herd of British lop pigs. 


Whilst arable crops such as wheat and barley for example re harvested and sold for human consumption, most of the oats grown at Highclere are sold into the horse world. Highclere Horsefeeds produces exceptional oats for leading racehorse owners and trainers, whilst the haylage, hay and straw offer consistency and quality for horses and livestock. 


In the future we would like to create some conservation walks for those of you who might be interested. 

Highclere Horsefeeds for Best Performance

Highclere Castle Horse Feeds has been created to deliver the best food to help horses perform to their highest potential.
All our products are grown, processed and packed on the Estate which means that we can retain control of the quality throughout the process providing a wholesome, natural and superior quality feed.